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Vipdiamondmodels ( VANESSA LOURENCO FONSECA DA ROCHA ) agency  Interviu con Elite agencia.
Interviu con Elite agencia en Kuwait.Plazas en Kuwait.
The VIP DIAMOND AGENCY  (natalie vanessa names) is the most pathetic and ridiculous agency I have ever meet , head or saw it . I have all right to make this statement because I was / am one of many victims of her ridiculously sick actions .
This is a story full of evidences and facts witch cab be easy verified and proven . I know this women or transvestite for one year or maybe little more . I have an mature and good establishment in Kuwait and Oman ( escort agency ) we get know each other from being helping to verify our customers . I helped her a lot in regards of work in Kuwait basically she use my connections and knowledge to have benefit and promote her shit VIP agency coz she have no customers in sure still not have it .. She always was telling me some story’s about other agency’s in Qatar making her problems coz they all are jelouse of her super cool customers and her high class girls . Every time story’s about all other agency’s end up telling me they all are MAFIA , ect. However I haven’t hear from her a single positive word of anybody she just constantly blackmail and and everybody . Witch kip me a bit shocked . She where telling me how she send police to all girls from other agency’s in Doha . Also one of her girls about witch one I’ll tell more letter , was telling me how she have several customers from VIP agency for free , and after this bitch pay girl money from agency fees . This man who was meeting Sarah was people who help VIP agency with information of location girls from other agency’s . After witch she send it police to this hotel and particular lady’s . Also she was telling me how she called to USA emigration department and Doha department and send it a girls passport foto copy’s to them with some cases ( fake AIDS analyzes ) to say girls are a HIV careers . After witch poor lady’s end up in blacklist and till now cannot enter as USA as Qatar ( visa is declaimed ) for no reasonable explanations what’s so ever. This is one of her cruel ways to punish girls if they dare not to listen her or her companion beside her lover and pimp . Also I don’t even mention how many times she where used fake Facebook accounts for defaming , slandering and also
threats all kind of even BEING KILLED AND END UP IN THE RUBBISH BEAN !!!! Witch we have numerous audio voice records form this Carla Raquel the VIP AGENCY OWNER AND HER PIMP !!!! The women have defiantly some mental health issue because nobody in good mental stage will haven’t even this cruel and counting maniacal mind . To deal with all agency’s who probably have more respect and value in between as customers as girls who join agency’s for cooperative work . This Clara is very paranoid person who dose count each her step and using for telling to people ALL possible and impossible story’s not rare when she even make photoshop to fake it up some information on the slandering perps . She damage my agency reputation my name reputation my customers reputation ( after she put them names and private number with pictures ) to email witch she send it to police . This was second time when she have done same EXACTLY the same as she did it to her agency in Doha for who she was worked in a past . She tray destroy this grate women name and agency reputation by doing same sick stuff !!! My problems with her started after her offer me share an beautiful French girl in better not our agency’s in Kuwait ( coz she not have customers ) I have agreed. After few days she put me off telling me this is her girl and I send her more job and it’s not correct . She say girls cost money and she is good material good quality this is her exact words ( all schreanshots will be provided bellow ) after witch I move and say ok fine now worries . In few days time girl stay with her she have zero job . After returning back to her home she contacted me and and me if she can join me for a trip . We have an grate job together once this bitch find out the girls had returned to me not her . She fabricate an fake blood test witch AIDS positive result and the girl name on it + her passport picture copy and her selfie pictures this all selection of TOTAL lie she send it to ALL Kuwaiti customers she know are also mine and not only mine !!! After this her next step was sending this ridiculous lie to POLICE witch end up girl being arrested and deported from Kuwait . But this also not stopped her , after this she wright an big full of lie email and send it to all customers in witch she accusing me of : human trafficking , drug and alcohol addiction also distribution , Interpol is looking for me and SO much more . Also including telling me she will report to social services about my kid so they fake him from me alway !!! I have also proves of this as to all I mention early . This is not a movie this is a life story of an MENTAL COLD CRIMINAL MINDED PERSON !!! But this also not stopped her : after she create and fake Facebook account from witch she find the girl who she deported from Kuwait . She told to her all friends and family she’s an escort +send her work pictures . But even this haven’t stopped her , she create 4 fake profiles on Kuwait escort websites , from random Spanish and UK numbers . So she can send to each new person whom is weighting her about escort . Tell about my agency Elite ( Monica ) is sending only sick girls , witch HIV , Hepatitis and ect .. Also telling I’m the one who is responsible for all agency’s girls deportation in all model east and I’m also MAFIA !!!! When all this scandal start getting more and more thorn a random people had contacted me . Witch I was supposed, all of them was and are this agency victims , all have similar story’s to tell . I was shocked when I heard all this craziness . Witch leads me to meed an amazing girl who was a very first victim of hers and suffer till now after couple years she still now have to deal with all out coming circumstances of her mellecious and slandering actions to against and harass this lady . The harassment I have to face now is also horrible most shocking an all this is to see customers and girls who work with us being getting trough all this hell . Just coz they trusted her .. This AGENCY is scaring people damage people destroy people . Somebody have to stop all this and open true so there is no MORE victims no more poor girls , agency’s who work hard for ages to have reputation and good name and also customers who have right for privacy . VIPDIAMOND agency will not hesitate to kill or blackmail or even abuse anybody , just so they can get all done in the way and order they like to be done . And anyone who dare not agree will be destroyed and punished by this TWO psychopaths !!!!


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One thought on “Plazas en Kuwait para escorts. – VANESSA LOURENCO FONSECA DA ROCHA

  1. This is so stupid to send clients messages like this
    Man never respect agencies who did like this: bla bla this agency is bad and I am so good agency
    Cheap talk…Kuwaiti people have a fun
    Clients are not interested fighting like this!
    Clara said that she is an “educated pimp” …We see it…
    She sent all clients in Doha that Interpol is looking for me! Clara really sick, psychiatric patient.
    And also she said everyone that I am mafia and I send many jobs to girls becouse I “want to steal after” CRAZY CRAZY CRAZY….Clara or Vanessa,please, you need a treatment! Go to doctor!!!

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